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Welcome To Verona Chocolate 

We believe that when talents come together, something beautiful will grow out of it. Through out our history, we have been inspired by the perfectionism of chocolate makers, to develop the premium chocolates our customers can rely on. We’re proud to offer you the Finest combination of Belgian, and Italian Chocolate, There are many reasons why ”Verona Chocolate” is called the finest chocolate maker, in the heart of UAE market. To achieve this, we go to great lengths, and definitely creativity.

Our customers rely on us for another reason too, our promise to provide the perfect chocolate for every occasions. Verona Chocolate offers a huge choice of chocolates in almost any conceivable taste, with a composition to suit any of your ideas. To us, chocolate is more than delivering a quality product. Through carefully judged product innovations, We supports our team in their daily challenge, helping them to make the difference with tasty, creative desserts and confectionery.

We also provide answers to the difficulties that our customers are faced with: having to do more with a limited staff of qualified personal. User-friendliness and guaranteed workability are key values for us.


Our Vision

Our aim is unambiguous: This involves the continuous expansion of our service spectrum, setting ever new business standards and establishing ourselves on the main international markets. As a result we can guarantee the highest service and quality standards, now and in the future. And you can be sure that when it comes to chocolates we will stay just as active tomorrow and the day after, driving forward facilities and opening up new markets for you.


More Performance, More Service, More Possibilities

We represent ourselves in the different markets, help you in tasting new products, and keep you informed about coming trends and changes in the markets. And so the two-way process continues, in a never-ending story of “Verona Chocolate”. Doing business today involves more than just supplying products. We are passionate about chocolate and ... We hope you are too. For this reason we want to work together with you to create products and solve problems. Innovation is nothing new, and its not a magic word, it is a must in our branch, and this how we look for in “Verona Chocolate”. 

“Verona Chocolate” provides products and services which fit the customer's expectations. Customer satisfaction is the most important parameter for measuring our quality performance in the market.


Chocolate For All Occasions

Our Chocolate transform any festivity into a memorable event, extra ordinary gifts will leave the recipient speechless, with a huge varieties of decorated chocolate designs, which suites your events, anniversaries (Ramadan, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, Graduation, Weddings, and Valentines). Elegant…Romantic…Sensuous ..

These words describes our full attention for your specific details, which you would like to add it to your event, we know how important your celebration is. Also, we provide Chocolate Fountain Catering Services to  those who wants their important function to be the centre of attraction or just something different from the norm, so that your guests would be able to remember your special function.


Facts & Figures

Chocolate has amazing complexities and levels of flavor. You'll find unique attributes for each chocolate you taste, from flavor notes to texture to finish, as though each one had a distinctive personality. Dark chocolate and cocoa are rich in cell-protecting antioxidants -- natural compounds found in fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.

Recent studies have shown dark chocolate and cocoa may be good for your heart. In short-term clinical trials, dark chocolate has reduced blood pressure, improved blood flow, showed mild anti-clotting effects and may help prevent plaque formation in arteries. One average dark chocolate bar has 14 percent of the daily requirement for copper, a critical mineral that aids in the absorption of iron and a key component of enzymes that form skin-strengthening collagen. One average dark chocolate bar can deliver nearly 12 percent of your daily magnesium requirement.


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